Commercial and Industrial Uses of GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

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Small and large businesses in many industries use a GPS vehicle tracking system for remote data acquisition regarding their fleets of vehicles. There is asset tracking software that is specifically designed for industries such as oil and gas, construction, transportation, security, education and other industries.

Functions of GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

Are you worried about the rising costs of fuel, or the environmental impact of your company’s fleet? One function of a comprehensive GPS vehicle tracking system is the ability to gather information about fuel efficiency for cost reduction and environmental monitoring purposes.

Businesses use GPS tracking information to gather data about engine and driver behavior. The information gathered about mileage, speed and engine performance can be used for predictive maintenance to prevent larger repairs later, reduce fuel consumption, lower energy costs and generate reports for compliance with regulatory reporting requirements.

Another useful feature of a GPS vehicle tracking system is the capability for alarm condition monitoring. This feature has been successfully used for theft recovery, vending management and generating emergency service alerts about the vehicles in your fleet. This aspect of the system can also result in reduced insurance premiums from many insurance companies.

How GPS Systems Work

The GPS vehicle tracking system includes a GPS receiver with an antenna that uses Global Positioning technology to determine the location of a vehicle and gather other data. Receivers are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to be used on equipment and vehicles of any size and type for reliable asset tracking.

RASTRAC GPS vehicle tracking systems use a wireless modem and GPS receiver to transmit information, which can be viewed by users on any computer with internet access. The information about the position, speed and elevation of the receiver is sent via a wireless network to web-based software. This allows businesses to monitor route details, stop locations, the duration of each stop and other information.

The RASTRAC system provides a wide range of information in real time for making business decisions and generates reports for custom reporting solutions for any size business. In addition, authorized users can receive automated notifications by email, cell or text about the location of assets, driver behavior and more. The system can be customized to meet the specific requirements of any business. Browse the RASTRAC website to learn more about the software solutions available and to find an authorized dealer in your area.

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If you thinking of installing GPS systems to your vehicle, contact RASTRAC, they provides GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems to businesses with vehicle fleets of all sizes.

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Commercial and Industrial Uses of GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

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This article was published on 2011/12/01