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The Garmin c340 GPS (global positioning system) is very beneficial to any user who wants to arrive at their destination quickly and easily. Many features that are both navigation oriented and non-navigation oriented make this unit a must-have.

The Garmin c340 GPS can be used right after you have purchased it because it contains maps that have already been preloaded in its memory. These maps contain common points of interest.

You can also load your own points of interest and different maps with the SD card slot. This GPS is programmed to provide you with exact alerts as to when the location of a point of interest is near. The option of loading your own maps is extremely helpful, especially when traveling in a foreign country such as England or France.

With the FM TMC traffic receiver, the GPS can easily locate traffic jams within your route and direct you around them. I found this to be really helpful because I like most of you hate waiting in bumper to bumper traffic. This receiver makes this unit a great navigator in any situation from heavy traffic jams to confusing city streets.

The Garmin c340 GPS also includes many non-navigational features. This GPS has a voice that you can hear easily and you can listen to the instruction and concentrate on the road at the same time.

This unit also comes attached to a suction cup that is easily attached and removed from a car's windshield. The ability to mount the Garmin c340 GPS allows you to concentrate on the road ahead without having to look down at the unit. The Garmin c340 GPS is portable so it can be moved from car to car with no trouble.

The 3.5 inch touchscreen is user friendly and the LCD display adapts to the time of day so it is always easy to read, even at night. I found these features helpful because I can easily glance over while I'm driving. I also have terrible eyesight but I have no problems in viewing the directions or using the touchscreen.

A 12-volt power adapter allows the Garmin c340 GPS to be charged in the car and therefore you don't have to worry about running out of battery life.

The Garmin c340 GPS is extremely user friendly and is a very helpful device for those who travel a lot and also for those who only commute to the supermarket or to soccer practice. This unit contains various helpful features that make the traveling experience easy. You can read reviews on this product and ultimately buy the Garmin c340 GPS at or other Garmin GPS units.

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Garmin C340 GPS

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This article was published on 2010/03/28