Garmin Forerunner A Potential Life Saver

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The Garmin archive tells of this true story about a young, active father of two small children who cared enough about his family to keep himself fit and healthy.  He was an avid runner and looked forward to running a marathon.  One Christmas morning he was thrilled to receive a Garmin Forerunner 405CX - which is a high-tech, wrist watch sized heart rate monitor designed to perform several functions simultaneously.  This Garmin Forerunner also allows you to share your workout, run, sync and store your personal training data and  even goes indoors with you during the winter months and anytime the weather forces you inside.

After using the monitor for about four runs, the fit father was somewhat disappointed because he wasn't getting the sort of readings he was expecting. Thinking the Garmin device was defective, he gave it one last try, only this time he paid closer attention to the signals he was receiving from both his monitoring device and his physical body.  He began to notice random spikes in the readings which were coinciding with fluttering he began to notice in his chest. That was enough of a warning for him to check himself into an emergency room for some immediate attention.  Nothing unusual was detected. 

The following week he went to a cardiologist who performed some in-depth tests which generated some startling results.  The most startling of which was the confirmation of the readings which the father had been getting from his Garmin Forerunner heart monitor, which he thought were erroneous.  It turned out he had a rare form of supraventricular tachycardia that only shows up when one is under intense exercise. This condition put him at a high risk for a stroke or sudden death while running and had no discernable warning signs.

Subsequently, the young father had invasive heart surgery, has since passed a cardiac stress test and expects to be cleared to resume his running regiment.We hear he plans to continue training for a marathon.  He gives credit to Forerunner for literally saving his life.

This is an inspiring example of just how crucial a roll technology can play in our lives.  At a time when the economy is not as stable as we would like, and we see more and more people living their lives without the benefit of regular health exams, it appears that certain types of technology can and do fill the gap.

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Garmin Forerunner A Potential Life Saver

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Garmin Forerunner A Potential Life Saver

This article was published on 2011/03/09