Garmin GPS Navigator - Will You Get Lost?

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The moment anybody happens to say "GPS navigator" one company comes to mind ? Garmin. This company was started up in 1989; Garmin incorporates the names Gar from Gary Burrell, and Min from Min Kao! These 2 engineers decided to look at Marine, aviation, and consumer technologies and incorporated them into the Garmin GPS navigator for consumer use.

Gary Burrell used his experience as a pilot to look for easy ways for a pilot to communicate and navigate. Min Kao had a lot of experience developing navigation systems for military use. Both of them pooled their knowledge to make the world 's first GPS navigators and GPS receivers for US aviation.

Their first product, GPS hundred, sold for 2500 dollars per piece, after it was shown at a Marine exposition in 1990, held in Chicago. Their receivers were also used extensively during the Gulf war in 1991.

Once these products became more popular with defense installations all over the world, they decided to look into the option of sports related GPS devices. These tracking devices were targeted at hikers, bikers, and racers. You may know, these devices as Garmin Forerunner.

If you happen to be a vehicle driver, it is possible that you have used the GPS navigator known as StreetPilot. Not only are you never going to get lost, this series for use in your auto has now diversified into many other series.

After the vast popularity of its receivers, Garmin decided to diversify into GPS navigators that would be used for easy navigation. You can find these navigators in 3 forms, the i3, i5 and i2.

An i2 Garmin GPS navigator is the most simple of the series, with just monochrome display. You need Transflash cards for loading the maps on this navigator. i3 is different from i2 due to the addition of colored screens. i5 is comparatively complex in this series of GPS navigators, because the maps come already loaded into them.

In the same manner, you might want to look at StreetPilot c series. These navigators have just about everything from FM notifications, touch screens in color, weather information, and even support for your Bluetooth.

The nuvi series of the Garmin GPS navigator came out in 2006 and was an instant smash hit. It is a pocket-size navigator, with a widescreen. It has a FM transmitter. It also has a bluetooth and a brighter screen in its 660 model.

If you happen to have a motorcycle, you would want to look at the Zumo line made for all those weekend bikers out there. BMV has already begun offering Navigator 3, with their bicycle models.

Apart from this Garmin has diversified into another GPS navigation system manufactured exclusively for your laptop. If you have the Microsoft OS (Windows) loaded on your PC laptop, it is very easy for you to reload this particular tracking and navigation system upon it.

Every single Garmin GPS navigator is able to pinpoint your exact location upon the pre-loaded map. These maps are included in the memory, (basemaps) which have been built in, and show all the major cities. You can also buy nautical, topographical, and road maps for your navigator from Garmin.

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Garmin GPS Navigator - Will You Get Lost?

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This article was published on 2010/03/31