Gps Can Track Your Pets

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Technology is allowing us to take better care of our pets and provide a safer environment for them at home and on the road.

No matter how much as we love our four-legged family members, sometimes things happen and one of them escapes. Sure, we kept their tags are current, and perhaps they even have a chip that can be read by an animal shelter, but both of these safety measures depend on someone else finding your furry friend and following the process to return him to you. It is heartbreaking to see a sign attached to a utility pole bearing a picture of a lost pet and knowing the owner is just waiting for the call. In the interim, what do you do? It is time to stop worrying and add some cutting edge gps technology to your pet's collar that will help you find your pet before someone else does.

These gps devices are effective, and can be accurate to within 18 inches (which is great for finding your cat at night tucked under a parked car). Garmin has been making GPS collars for hunting dogs for quite some time now. In fact, hunters have been using GPS dog collars for years in order to follow bird dogs and retrievers while hunting in the wild. Today, pet owners are using them in order to pinpoint their dogs location if he gets off his leash or finds his way out of the yard. Garmin, RoamEO, and PetSafe are three brands that are now making GPS dog collars for general use.

With this current move toward providing gps collars for pet owners in general, we have an opportunity to better track and find our wayward pets. These gps types of collars are available for both cats and dogs, and also come with a hand held unit for tracking the animal. These Garmin GPS and other brands of gps collars are a must for anyone who travels with their pets. In addition to the gps pet collar, there is a GPS system which makes finding your lost pet as easy as checking your smart phone, tablet or laptop, and making your way to the little escape artist. If you love your pet, there's really not much more to say.
Worth mentioning here is the Geo-Fencing feature allows you to draw an invisible boundary around your pet. If your little escape artist crosses the line, youll immediately receive an email or text to alert you. No shock treatment for your beloved pet. It's a kinder and gentler way to contain the wanderer.
Technology is allowing us to take better care of our pets while providing a safer environment for them both at home and on the road.

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Gps Can Track Your Pets

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This article was published on 2011/02/04