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A GPS navigation device receives communication signals from the GPS satellite located above the earth to calculate the exact position of an object. The GPS device calculates the latitude, longitude information for the object of interest. The altitude information might also be available though it is not mandatory. The altitude information is not available continuously and also may not be accurate enough as like the latitude and longitude information.

A GPS navigation device might also have the following add-on features:

1. Display of local maps in addition to suggesting routes to the person. A detailed local map with street names and directions may be presented to the driver.

2. Voice commands or text command and aides to help the driver reach the place on time and also provide distance information continuously

3. Provide directions directly to an anonymous driver like a programmed robot

4. Provide information and data on traffic congested areas and suggest alternate roads to avoid traffic

5. Provide information on a host of amenities available en route like fuel station, restaurants, hospitals etc.

GPS navigation systems find great application in naval bases and army bases. They are used to monitor enemy camps and also ascertain their strength and weaknesses remotely from our side. GPS navigation systems help to trace missing soldiers, missing fighter aircrafts and other people on the move during a battle.

GPS navigation system saves tons of fuel to the common man who is struggling to find his ways in a big city. It saves fuel, time and a lot of your patience which might get wasted and trigger your temper and test your patience beyond limits.

The GPS navigation system provides much security to your near and dear ones. You can fit in a GPS receiver device into your child's pocket and monitor his activities. If you find the GPS device moving beyond limits that you set, you get an alarm message to your mobile that something is wrong and you can look for your child straight away without frantically searching everywhere.

A GPS navigation system help you avoid traffic, locate people in crisis, locate missing objects or persons, navigate through tough roads and also use it for defense and security. However, the GPS navigation has taken away our privacy and has made anyone on earth traceable and locatable. This might be a nuisance in many ways. Hence, we should use the advantages of a GPS navigation system prudently to realize its benefits rightly.


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Gps navigation

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This article was published on 2011/07/13