GPS Tracking Mysteries: What Is A SOS Button?

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GPS tracking devices are a blend of two technologies, GPS and GSM/GPRS in a compact size.

GPS tracking devices get their location via 24 satellites hovering 12 miles above us and then transmit their parameters via GPRS to a central database device may be a computer and some acquisition system. This way tracker can tracker anything it is attached to ranging from aircraft to a pet.

The advent of GPS technology has helped humans to tackle various security issues, child safety and elderly people tracking being few of them.

This way parents/guardians can track their children and take necessary action in case of emergency.

Child GPS Locators

These locators can help parents track and protect their children either when they are out for some school activities, or when they go out of sight in over-crowded places. Child GPS locators range from watches to small chips, which can be concealed in their accessories. Some of the GPS children locating devices are

* GPS Enabled Watch
* Wristband Locator and Ankle Bracelets
* Voice Communication System
* Concealed GPS Tracker Chip

These child GPS locators are very important tools of safety and security of your children.

In general it has proved to be an effective safety tool, helping thousands of children in distress, across the world.

GPS trackers with SIM cards

GPS trackers with SIM cards are controlled by another mobile device. During installation/initialization an SMS is sent to the tracker SIM to authenticate number from which it'll get controlled (Normally from 1 to 3).

Then all other SMS are sent to configure the tracker. Now it is ready to be used, you can update trackers location by sending an SMS


SOS is a international Morse code for distress signal. GPS devices that come with the SOS call function allowing the user to talk directly to one specified person in their family just by pressing a single button.

This function is very handy for parents/guardians to keep track of their kids and elderly people and taking necessary actions while in distress or some crisis situation.

GPS tracker buying tips

When looking for GPS devices that will suit your purpose ask yourself one of these questions:

* What is your budget? Are you looking for a GPS that is under $50? Or, are you looking to spend between $50 and say $200, or between $200 and $500, or perhaps even $500 and more?

* What features are you looking for in your GPS Device, does it need to be portable?

* Are you interested in the safety and assurance of owning a Cellular GPS System or do you need a PDA GPS Bundle?

* Does the system you need require to be an Automobile GPS or does it need to be a Marine GPS System?

* Do you already own a GPS device and are looking for GPS Accessories?

If all above stated factors are not kept in consideration, it will then lead to buying something you don't want or it does not meet your specifications

GPS trackers today are available with variety of features like voice call support, SOS call function and many others, one of the versatile gadgets in the market, indeed!.

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GPS Tracking Mysteries: What Is A SOS Button?

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This article was published on 2010/10/04