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While some would relegate global positioning units to the realms of luxury; others who are striving to make their way through the urban jungle each day often regarded it as a necessity. These tiny units simply add to your sense of security and comfort as you go about your daily business.

As a matter of fact, for their price, handheld GPS navigation units pack in so much punch that they are truly an attractive deal. So, if you have been mulling over the prospect of buying yourself a handheld GPS or gifting it to a loved one; here are some benefits of the system that will help you to make a quick decision.

Convenient: While handheld GPS navigation units offer all the features of automobile street navigation units and more; they are simply more convenient to carry around. But do not let the small package fool you because these units do really give you more bang for the buck. Handheld GPS units can be easily carried around in the purse, pocket or even a fanny or backpack.

Their small size makes them ideal for campers, hikers, skiers, people interested in biking and also those who enjoy taking a weekend drive into uncharted territory.

Very useful in case of an emergency: While convenience is certainly one of the factors that influences people's buying decisions when purchasing handheld gps navigation systems; the primary advantage of possessing such a unit is the security that it offers.

You will know exactly where you are at all times, so you can forget all about those instances when you were lost and did not know if you would be able to make it out of the woods before sundown. Also, if you find yourself in a precarious situation on a mountain or any other area which does not have clear markings; you can use your GPS unit to pinpoint your location to the rescuers.

The maps can be customized to suit your purpose: Most of us have been through the harrowing task of navigating with the help of an old school, paper map. How many times has the map simply flown out of your hands? Even if you have not been through the experience, you will find that navigating with the help of a handheld GPS can be incredibly easy.

You get exact directions, often turn by turn. Plus, the units are designed to point out the amenities on the way such as gas stations, restaurants etc. So, these units not only simplify traveling in an unknown city but also make it more pleasurable.

Sturdy: Handheld GPS units are very sturdy; packed in shock proof and water proof casing which makes them the ideal companions for a variety of sporting adventures.

Come equipped with innumerable features: Depending on the brand and the make of the unit, you can have access to a myriad of features when buying handheld GPS navigation Some of the common features include personalized screen icons, theft protection, voice activated GPS and more.

Can do away with your personal trainer: Yes, you heard it right; these little devices can help you to step up your weight loss plan. The personal trainer feature in some of the models offers a plethora of features including a heart rate monitor, auto lap, tailored workouts, speed monitors and much more. Losing weight was never as tech savvy as it is with the help of a GPS trainer.

With so many benefits, if you do not own a handheld GPS navigation system, you are simply making your life more taxing that it needs to be.
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Handheld Gps Navigation

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This article was published on 2011/01/20