Points to Consider When Buying a Car GPS System

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Recently after years of faithful service my top of the range 'Tom Tom' car GPS system finally wore out. This was a disaster for me as having a car GPS system has become such an essential part of how I operate my personal and business life. Therefore I had to quickly do some research in order to replace it with a new one.

I discovered a number of key points which I guarantee anyone looking for a new auto GPS device will find very useful.

1) Range of Prices - overall the pricing for car 'Sat Nav' systems has dropped quite significantly from when I first purchased my Tom Tom. I was not surprised to discover this fact, as I had invested in my GPS system when they first where launched.

As with all new consumer technology the price does tend drop as the market develops. However the broad scope of the pricing and number of offers available really excites me. This reflects the endless variety and number of car GPS systems for sale which is very encouraging because it means that more people should be able to afford one now days.

2) Size of screen - Now there are many more makes available on the market the look and feel of satellite navigation systems can be quite varied. Although they are all basically a small rectangular shape box, I noticed some differences. The main one being that those at the cheaper end of the market normally had much smaller screens which for me was a big issue.

You see this can make reading the maps much more difficult when driving. Having tested a few models I can confirm that this is the case and would definitely suggest that you try and obtain the biggest screen size you can afford.

This might mean nudging your spend up a little but not by much. For example I was able to trade up for a screen size that was 24% bigger than my original budget allowed for an extra $10 dollars only which was really good value.

3) Functionality - Finally you will need to consider ease of use and functionality. I found one range of really clever little GPS boxes that seem to offer a lot of additional value, this included being able to use the unit to display photographs and text documents by inserting a memory card.

However the touch screen was not very sensitive at all and to my frustration the menu options did not include a back button which meant every time you made an error because of the insensitive screen you would have to cancel and start over.

With this in mind my advice is that you stick to concentrating on the core functions of the device i.e. screen sensitivity, route calculation and reducing your overall journey time. If you are interested in extra functions look for features that relate to driving such as speed camera alerts and so on.

I trust my shared experiences and research will stimulate your thinking and help you find and select the best car GPS system for your circumstances.

I was extremely please with my final purchase and have spent the weekend reading the manuals and getting used to my new machine. Now I am familiar with my device, I actually feel excited about using it for a trip to my local discount ceramic tile store. It's feels like Christmas morning all over again!

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Points to Consider When Buying a Car GPS System

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This article was published on 2010/03/27