Portable GPS Mysteries: What's A GPS Jammer?

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GPS was touted as the next best thing when it was invented by the United States military department way back in 1973. But nowadays quite a lot of people seem to disagree with this fact. Why else would GPS jammers become so popular otherwise? As the name suggests itself, GPS jammers are devices used to jam or block the GPS system from finding out the location.

Despite the fact that GPS has umpteen applications in civil, military and commercial use, many people seem to resent the fact that it can also take away their right to privacy. Nowadays companies are using GPS devices to monitor their vehicle fleets which are sent out for delivery of goods to the customers and other field activities. These GPS devices keep a tab on the whereabouts of the vehicle and the driver too. If you have been in such a position of constant surveillance, you would understand perfectly how uncomfortable it feels. Portable GPS jammers can come to your rescue in such situations. So a GPS jammer is actually a boon to people who are being pestered by the constant surveillance of their jealous lovers, nosey spouses or snooping bosses.

The portable GPS jammer creates a safety area of around 10 meters around the device, and this particular area is safe from the probing GPS signals. 10 meters is more than enough to cover a human or even a large vehicle, so portable GPS jammers are handy enough and allow you and your vehicle to move without getting in to the GPS monitoring.

Since GPS has always been mainly used by the military to locate the position and movement of enemy aircrafts and to detect any unauthorized entry of aircrafts etc in to home territory, use of GPS jammers has been restricted for the public. Well, the civilian GPS jammers do have different radiofrequencies than the military used ones, but there are still many countries who are not exactly comfortable with the idea of widespread use of GPS jammers by the civilians.

The US military has raised concerns, even though the military and commercial GPS functions at different radio frequencies when compared to the civilian use. This is because these receivers used by the government actually at first require getting the C/A signal (civilian) before they can proceed to get the military used P(Y) signal. So in case you are planning to buy a GPS jammer, it would be better to check with the local laws first, to avoid running in to trouble later on.

If you want to get a GPS jammer for yourself, then it is very easy and cheap. Just buy a good one from one of the numerous online stores. But as mentioned earlier, it is better to check your local laws, because you would not want to have a rough time with the law enforcement folks after you get the GPS jammer shipped to your place.

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Portable GPS Mysteries: What's A GPS Jammer?

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This article was published on 2010/09/15