Two common car GPS types

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With the popularization of automobiles and road construction, there is much intercity economy intercourse and people's active regions become more and more wide. To improve our life quality, a large numbers of leisure activities are not only within the confines of our familiar areas.


And now many people prefer to choose self-driving travelling. Some others regularly have to drive away from his local place for business trips.


Are you worrying about how to find the way to your travelling destinations or other places where you plan to go? Are you often trapped in a traffic jam and have to choose the nearest way to office for not being late for work? And if you are a person without any sense of direction or you often need to drive to some new places, a simple built-in car GPS is enough to offer you some detail navigation information. You also can add points of interest files to the GPS.


There is a great selection of GPS used in the automobiles, portable vehicle GPS, in-dash navigation systems and other models. Portable car GPS devices are not permanently integrated into the vehicle, having only a simply bracket to mount the device on the surface of the dashboard and powered via the car cigarette lighter. This class of GPS unit does not require professional installation and can typically be used as handheld device, too.


But there are a number of manufactures who supply aftermarket GPS navigation devices that can be integrated permanently into the vehicle. And not every driver likes the suction-cup aesthetic of aftermarket GPS systems. For those who have space in their dashboard, in-dash models that combine audio features with full-service navigational abilities are more practical. Except high performance-price ratio, benefits also include a more secure and better cosmetic finish than a portable device, and lower cost compared to the installation of an original factory-supplied GPS. With a large screen, you just need a quick view and you can easily know the route.


Besides, the latest high-end models add some new features such as DVB-T; Word, Excel and PDF browsing; some even support 3G&Wi-Fi functions. Playing game in your car is so easy as well. With so many features, you will get more than your pay. The all-in-one system not only offers you accurate map information, but also meets your different entertainment needs. The best car GPS units available can be found online now at great prices.


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Two common car GPS types

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This article was published on 2011/08/17